The Duties of a Quantity Surveyor!


July 4, 2013

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The duties of a quantity surveyor is to manage all costs relating to a building project across newly built premises, renovations or maintenance work in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

The responsibilities of a quantity surveyor are to conduct fee studies on projects and work out ways on how to minimise costs of the project whilst enhancing value for money. Quantity surveyors also need to ensure that they are meeting legal and quality assurance requirements of the project.

The typical duties of a quantity surveyor may include:

  • Conduct studies of feasibility to estimate costs relating to materials, time and labour.
  • Prepare, negotiate and analyse costs relating to tenders and contracts
  • Prepare and advise on legal and contractual issues
  • Value completed project work
  • Arrange for payments on completed project work

The Qualifications of a quantity Surveyor:

A quantity surveyor must have a professional qualification or be degree qualified and accreditation is required. The most relevant degree qualifications may include surveying, construction, civil engineering and structural engineering.

Being a quantity surveyor takes not only skill and qualification but it also takes methodical thinking techniques. Working in construction a quantity surveyor is required to have a strong knowledge of the construction sector, you are required to be a strong problem solver, excellent with financial and numeracy skills and have outstanding communication and negotiating skills.

After gaining experience in the industry a quantity surveyor can work in specialised areas such as advising on property tax, post occupancy advice, facilities management, life costing advice as well as construction projects, maintenance and costing.


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